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The Policy AmeriMia privacy and security of VIP Travel in regards to the collection and disclosure of personal information of our «customers» within our site and offices are described. AmeriMia VIP Travel respects the privacy of all its «customers»; for this reason we use techniques and procedures through an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. These digital certificates are responsible for protecting data sent from your machine to the server where it is hosted our domain, in encrypted (encoded). All our operations credit card charge are protected with this system security (encryption) to ensure your privacy when you make your payment online through our international agents. AmeriMia VIP Travel undertakes to adopt a policy of confidentiality and data protection, in order to protect the privacy of personal information collected through the «Customer» AmeriMia VIP Travel will not disclose details of credit card or debit card «Customer «rather than the company that processes payments. AmerMia VIP Travel undertakes not to use the personal data of users to trade with third parties. AmeriMia VIP Travel informs the «Customer» that the information provided can be used to freely communicate with himself, by people of wyngateresorts.com or a third party designated by the same company. AmerMia VIP Travel recommends the «Customer» protect the security of your name and card details, Not write that information on any role when carrying out your payment online with our international operators. Contact your bank if you suspect that someone has stolen your bank card or if it detects any anomalies in your reservation. AmerMia VIP Travel for security reasons does not store information about credit cards «clients» for this reason every time you make a transaction must enter your card details Credit or Debit again. AmerMia VIP Travel reports that all minors (under age 21) who want to make a purchase of our holiday packages must have the authorization of their parents or guardians before giving the information to our international carriers. We verify the identity and age of our » Customers «AmeriMia VIP Travel has links to other pages, therefore not responsible for the privacy or content of these web pages. If the» Customer «choose to visit those pages, AmeriMia VIP Travel invites you to review their privacy policies and security. AmeriMia VIP Travel reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time to adapt to new requirements. Therefore we recommend our «customers periodically review these conditions whenever use is made of our website. Amerimia VIP Travel highly recommends that you protect your investment and your family with travel insurance.

Disclaimer: Our primary product is for use or sale or COHAB married couples between 21 and 68 years of age and proof of cohabitation.

It requires reservations and hotels are supposed to availability. Offer valid for up to 4 people. This offer is special and limited to one per family. Additional options are available when making your final booking. Not group offer. identity card and valid credit card for check-in is required. It is required to attend a 90-minute tour (once) orientation Resort facilities. Full details are the sponsor. (just one time). By using this site you agree to follow the privacy policy and rules of our company and its suppliers. Our promotional packages do not include airfare, hotel taxes (13%) taxes and port charges and customs All Inclusive cruise (between $ 169- $ 199) tips or optional expenses Car (GPS, baby seats, gas, tolls and taxes approximate 20%). Certain restrictions apply.

On our website are some of the companies we work with and are certified but also for the benefit of the customer can use own companies licensed and insured. If you do not qualify, we offer many other options as Certified Travel Agents and Specialists Dream Vacation!

Promotion With your purchase you get 50% off the base package holiday:

  • Plan with effect 12 months + 6 month extension if necessary with minimal additional charge.
  • Apartment 100% transferable in case of any eventuality.
  • unrestricted holidays season, you travel when you want. Reservations guaranteed for the entire tour group.
  • VIP service travel planning, which offers when booking your date travel, special rates on tickets or air tickets, car rental, transport services, additional excursions, upgrades categories in hotels and resorts among many other advantages .
  • If you do not have Visa to enter the United States, once acquired your Vacation promotion we will provide a letter of invitation certified and notarized, where we explain the US consul reason for travel, the time spent and hotel itinerary. This document supports all the steps of its Visa to the American consular authorities in their country.

THIS OFFER IS VALID FOR 24 HOURS, additional charges may apply after this period. You can also book paying this price today only 50% of your travel group.

Optional charges such as GPS, infant seats, Petrol, Accident insurance, taxes, additional drivers, toll, parking, alcoholic beverage or improvements to vehicle type and taxes are not included.

To make the purchase you will receive promotional plan immediately to your e-mail, international Voucher, your receipt and check this transaction will receive all the details of your travel itinerary.

This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting the sale of vacation plans.