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Just as you wouldn’t file yor taxes or buy a home without consulting an expert, the same goes for planning your vacation.
Let us help you to plan your vacation, we will help you out to select the best trip ever  base on your interest and advise you all throught the planning process.

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Unless otherwise defined during the reservation process, final payment is due prior to departure or consumption according to each supplier’s (airline, hotel, cruise line, Transfer Company, sightseeing operators, and other travel service vendors) terms and conditions involved in your travel booking. If final and full payment is not received by the applicable due date, reservations are subject to cancellation and deposits shall be forfeited. In some cases there is NO REFUND once a booking is made and paid for. Your right to a refund if you change or cancel your travel plans is limited. All cancellation requests must be sent to AmeriMia in writing. As a result of cancellation, AmeriMia’s and third party supplier’s cancellation penalties will apply, which are detailed in your travel documentation, each supplier’s Cancellation penalties are advised at time of booking and provided to you upon confirmation. If you have any questions, or any penalties are unclear, please contact your Amerimia agent. All cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card you authorized to pay for travel services, or deducted from the supplier’s refund. 
Your contract with your Suppliers may allow them to cancel or amend bookings. If we are your Booking Agent, we will ensure that you are promptly notified of any significant changes once we become aware of such change if there is time before your departure, but we accept no liability for any changes or costs incurred that may result. Subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions, you will then have the choice of accepting the change of arrangements, accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements if one is made available by the Supplier, or canceling your booked arrangements and receiving any applicable refunds. We do not guaranty that any refunds will apply. If you have booked a flight and we are alerted to a significant schedule change by your airline before you leave the United States, we will contact you by email to advise you of this. Please ensure that you have given your contact email address to us and that you regularly check for messages before you leave. We have no control over airline schedule changes and accept no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such changes.
After you have left the US, it is your responsibility to check with the airline that any onward flights you have confirmed are operating as booked. We strongly recommend that you contact your airline at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of each flight to do this. Please note that for some airlines it is mandatory to confirm with them your intention to fly.  

Amerimia VIP Travel is an affiliated extension of our prestigious Travel agency with more than a decade of experience in the Tourism Industry in the United States and International. It is an Agency insured and accredited by the renowned Cruise Line International Association with offices in Miami, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic. It is incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Florida in the United States and provides an appropriate service to its clients.